Brave browser closing

Thank you very much, I figured it out in the meantime and it indeed seems to have solved the problem.

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Hey, thanks. Copied some part of your answer to help others.
Imma too lazy to type in, lol.

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thanks dude worked. :grinning:

thanks dude worked. :grinning:
ig this is a temporary fix right?

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yes mate, guess i’ll keep it like this until someone tells me there’s a fix

Thanks for everyone reporting. This appears to be an issue with the widget and/or Brave News (leaning toward being the widget for most users). The team is aware of the issue and already working on a fix.

That said, if anyone is willing to submit their crash reports (brave://crashes) and report the crash report ID given there, it would be extremely helpful for us


tried using brave again but no sites are opening , twitter instagram youtube none of them are working whereas on other browsers they are working fine . the problem in the morning seems to have been solved but again new issues are happening where i cant even access a lot of websites whats going on?

Did you try the temp. fixes mention above?

the previous problem was solved but new problems arose a few hours earlier so

Can you please open a new thread and fill out all the information requested in the editor and we can continue troubleshooting there?

Thank you

I was having the same issue and your suggestion has seemingly solved it so far. Almost 24 hours with no crashes.

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It is really painful to see that it takes so long for Brave to fix something so trivial, apparently rendering the browser useless.

Do you mean the Local Crash Context IDs? Do you want them in a reply here? Because I have already submitted 4 crashes.

Even though it’s just a temporary fix, it worked for me. Thanks a lot


After trials and errors, It seems that the card (see image) is causing Brave to crash. So, so far on my device* Brave works fine with all the cards enabled, except the card I hope this may help in resolving this issue in the next update.

  • I tried this on Windows 11, Brave Version 1.45.116 Chromium: 107.0.5304.91 (Official Build) (64-bit)
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This was fixed in less than 24 hours.

If anyone is still experiencing the issue, please ensure you update to v1.45.118 to apply the fix.

Thank you.

I’m still expiriensing his issue now more than ever. card was never enabled and i’m running latest version of the browser

I have the Brave home page completely disabled and I’ve been experiencing this issue for weeks. Where should we submit log data?

@bmdelaune can you confirm your current Brave version?

Two most recent crash IDs:

  • 72990600-483e-2b09-0000-000000000000
  • 7ab30200-483e-2b09-0000-000000000000