Brave browser crashing

My brave browser keeps closing itself. I am using the latest version of brave (1.45.116). I reset the browser multiple times, cleared my browsing history and restarted my mac.

What should I do ?

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@a-nosnitram ,
Thank you for reaching out.
Can you please check the solution here and tell me if this resolves the issue for you?

Additionally, can you please send the report then reply here with the crash report ID (both can be done via brave://crashes) and I will forward it to the necessary team members?

Thank you.

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I sent a carsh report [85ae0700-c482-0f09-0000-000000000000] but turning off Cards worked for me

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Thank you for your help ! Rmoving the widget worked for me.

I have been having the same issues for the past three days. I have disabled the widgets/cards but the browser still closes itself at random. On a PC, Browser ver. [
Version 1.45.118 Chromium: 107.0.5304.91 (Official Build) (64-bit). There are no crash reports as the browser isn’t actually crashing but asking me if I want to close all tabs before closing the browser, then it shuts itself off. After a complete restart, the issue is less persistent but quickly starts to become more of an issue with less time between shutdowns/crashes until the browser is completely useless.

Are you still encountering this issue?

Negative, it seems to have stopped. Thank you for the follow-up.

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