Brave crashing on Win10

My Brave browser keep crushing when opening after 10sec.
Downloaded new version, clean caches, and disabled extension
also have few crushes reports

Same thing for me. After the update, brave browser crash after few secondes. How could we solve this issue ?

i have crushes reports, but dont know how to read it

Can you turn off cards in the customise option on a new tab?
That seems to work.

there’s a “Customise” option on the homepage / dashboard. Click that, click the “Cards” option, scroll to the bottom and move the slide to the left

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i tried and dosn’t work

it work for me. Thank u SmartAadi.

is there anyone who can read crush reaport?

Please send the report then reply here with the crash report ID and I will forward it to the necessary team members.

Additionally, can you open the browser and try disabling Brave News from the same menu as well and tell me if this resolves the issue?

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