Browser keeps closing itself, but only when a blank new tab is open

As the title says, brave keeps closing itself after about a minute of having a blank new tab open. Once i search something in the new tab or close that new tab it will no longer close itself. I’m currently able to write this using brave browser, i just had to close any new tabs. When it happens i don’t get any indication of a crash, no reports or anything. It just closes the window and when i open it it asks me tor restore my pages like it should. I’m not sure how this issue came about or how one would reproduce it. I have a few extensions for brave but i have never had any issues with them and have not recently added any new extensions. Again this randomly just started happening. i was able to use the browser like usual earlier today, with a extra new tab open without issue.
expected result: brave doesn’t close itself and remains open for however long i have it open
using current brave browser version and window 10

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Can you please check the solution here and tell me if this resolves the issue for you?

Additionally, can you please send the report then reply here with the crash report ID (both can be done via brave://crashes) and I will forward it to the necessary team members?

Thank you.

I hid the widget and the browser hasn’t closed for a few minutes, where as before it would have closed by now

most recent crash report ID: 67a40700-c482-0f09-0000-000000000000

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