Brave browser causes CPU spike on Linux Mint

Every time I run Bave in my Linux machine it causes CPU spikes (it’s an up and down pattern) and makes my fan come on the entire time. it didn’t do this when I first installed it more than 6 months ago.
Simply opening the browser causes this. No other web pages but the home page running.
The other browsers don’t spike the CPU
Do I need to upgrade the browser (How to do that? All I see is how to install on Linux, not update). Do I need a newer version of Linux Mint?
Anything else to look at that can be causing it?

Brave ver: 1.5.123
Linux Mint ver: 18.3 (Mate desktop)
HP Folio 9480m laptop with 16 Gigs of memory

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add repository, first about mint.

Thanks for that info on the upgrade. I now have ver 1.14.81 and the CPU has been “calm” since running Brave. Issue appears to be resolved.


also u can do it if see this again