Brave now renders computer unusable shortly after opening due to exponential increase in cpu cycles

Description of the issue:
How can this issue be reproduced?

  1. Open Brave Browser on Arch Linux (brave-bin from AUR)
  2. Wait about 2 minutes

Expected result:
Working browser and working computer
Brave Version( check About Brave):
Additional Information:
I have been having an issue with Brave recently where whenever I open the browser, i3 WM shows an exponentially growing CPU cycles value until everything in my OS stops working. Weirdly enough, ps aux doesn’t show any abnormalities, and the Brave task manager doesn’t show anything out of the ordinary either.

I have successfully used Brave for almost a year without any issues like this. The issue has been ongoing since last night, after upgrading from 1:1.49.132-1. I have no idea how to continue troubleshooting this since I can’t seem to find out what exactly is taking all those CPU cycles.

Any ideas would be greatly appreciated!

P.S. The issues do indeed continue after shutting down my X server, but I don’t think the server is actually being shut down fully. I wonder if the issue is specific to Brave operating within an X session. Is there a way to test Brave from the command line?

Update: Tested brave-beta-bin and seems to be working. Will update if the issue arises again.

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