Brave has bad performance at Linux (Mint)


I have installed Brave on my PC under Linux Mint 21.3. I have also installed the latest available version of Brave (1.62.156). It runs without any problems so far, but very very slow compared to other programs or Firefox for example. I had Windows installed on the computer before and Brave ran much better there, so I assume that it’s not because the hardware is too old.

What I have noticed is that it seems (or feels?) that it runs a bit smoother when hardware acceleration is disabled (GPU: Intel HD Graphics 620). But that only helps a bit to reduce the lagging, but not completely eliminate it.

Don’t get me wrong, the browser works and is quite usable, but some pages load relatively slowly. The new Brave News on the new tab page, for example, is also quite slow. Unfortunately, this limits the user experience to some extent.

Therefore my request: Please improve the performance of Brave under Linux so that it becomes much more usable.