Brave Beta Verticle Tabs Broken afer Update today

On Brave Beta [
Version 1.48.113 Chromium: 109.0.5414.74
JUst upgraded today and vertical tabs is broken totally.

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What’s ‘broken’? Your screenshot doesn’t show anything broken.

I know people should understand this but apparently people don’t, well, Vertical tabs feature is a WIP, so changes are going to appear, there is no changelog, so if you don’t read the commits and the changes they are pushing then you can’t call it ‘broken’

If you are calling broken because of the small icons, it is meant to be there, they are the way pinned tabs are going to work to distinguish from non-pinned ones, it is still bugged, especially when you switch from collapsed to un-collapsed/hover mode, so it will be fixed eventually.

If you talk about vertical tabs appearing in Fullscreen videos, it was already partially fixed in Nightly, since it still wasn’t fixed for Fullscreen mode F11, but I like being able to use tabs in fullscreen mode, so can’t complain.

If you talk about groups not looking good, well, it is WIP, they are actually working in polishing the look of the vertical tabs.

If you talk about how bookmarks appear in NTP for a second when disabled, they already fixed that in Nightly few days ago.

If you are talking about something else, explain it. but not here, on Github where you will find the main issue, here is what you can see changed they have done

And here is the issue that is opened where you probably can give feedback if you didn’t find it on any other issue to avoid duplicates.

But to be honest, people make it seem like sangwoo108 doesn’t know what he is doing, of course feedback is important but people report things that are so obvious and apparently people don’t understand what Work in Progress is, and they expect everything to be done in 2 days with a magical button.

Most of the stuff can be known, if people just read commits and issues for features, they would know what is missing, being worked on, fixed and why and what features are being pushed.
That’s why Beta and Nightly are for, so non-polished/ready features can be tested, but something like Vertical Tabs is still early and needs obvious polishing that giving feedback for a small bug is still weird.

A bit confused if you saying you do not need any feedback then that is fine.
I will not waste my time or give any feedback if you are fully aware of the faults and need no feedback then that is great for us users.
Maybe a good idea to remove the Beta feedback from you forums would help users.

@Emi asked a legitimate question after you wrote “vertical tabs is broken totally” and your screenshot does not show any obvious issues.

What do you mean exactly by “broken totally”? You did not even fill out the report form properly since “Description of the issue” and “Expected result” is empty.

If you want to report issues, then you need to put in the 2 mins it takes to provide minimal information, so that people understand what you mean. We cannot read your mind after all.

P.S.: By the way, the vertical tabs work perfectly for me (except for a graphical glitch in the bottom left corner, which I will report) in the latest official build (Brave version 1.47.186 Chromium version 109.0.5414.119). You just need to finally enable the vertical tabs after the update by right-clicking on a tab.

Edit: Updated the mentioned versions.

The tabs are still broken and not showing after transition from horizontal to vertical.
Picture of Horizontal showing tabs picture when i click vertical then a picture of the version.
I hope this helps explain the issue is still an issue to me its kind of obvious but if you need more please ask .

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