Vertical tabs no longer working after upgrade to version 1.47.171

After upgrade to the version 1.47.171 of brave browser vertical tabs no longer work.

Steps to reproduce :-

  1. Enable vertical tabs flag in brave://flags tab.
  2. Restart the browser.

Expected :-

Current :-

Operating system :- Fedora Linux 37 (KDE Plasma) x86_64
Brave Browser Version :- Version 1.47.171 Chromium: 109.0.5414.87 (Official Build) (64-bit)

Additional information :- Vertical tabs is an experimental flag.

right click the tabs and enable then in the context, it should say “User Vertical Tabs”

There has not been a “doesn’t work anymore” I use them on Nightly and they work great compared to what you have on Stable, they are currently working in Polishing them.

Don’t expect people to check the Github and commits especially when this ‘issue’ is old when they switched to enable vertical tabs at runtime. but yeah.

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That worked thanks. But this weirdness did happen because of the update. I had no part in it.

It’s working for me too. But, the vertical tabs are now not using the same color as the theme applied in the browser. If I use the all black theme, for example, the vertical bar is greyed out. For you too?

Mine seems fine. I’m using brave dark mode with the default theme(brave colors its called I think).

I just checked it out and idk if this really is an issue. The background color of verticals tabs pallete is grey no matter what theme I choose. Maybe it’s the default color and can’t be changed for now. The tabs themselves do change the color when the theme changes.

Exactly, in the previous version it was possible to change the browser theme and tabs. Not this last one.

@danilogoncalves @xoldyckk
It is a WIP, I don’t know why you have vertical tabs in your Stable builds… that’s a big thing Brave did, because as you can see, you get changes, and you get them so late.

Moving Tabs to be enabled or disabled in runtime was pushed in Oct 28, 2022. almost 3 months ago.

About the colors, they are polishing the tabs, and that’s the problem, you won’t get these changes until much later

You can see the screenshot and all the changes done and comments by devs so you get an idea how long it will take until this PR gets merged.

Well, I don’t know how changes will affect theme, but eventually Brave will add it, everything they are doing is mostly about the behavior, right now Vertical Tabs are in the spot where they seem to work fine with Brave, no weird bookmarks bar flashing, no vertical tabs in fullscreen videos, not that weird blank space on the bottom of the vertical tabs and things like that, which is more important than how it looks.

Not sure if this is happening to anyone else - I’ve noticed in this latest build when I have vertical tabs enabled and I try to pull a tab out into its own window Brave crashes. This doesn’t happen when I have vertical tabs disabled.

@xoldyckk is right. Enabling it in the UI has only been required after the update. Before, it was automatically enabled in the UI (which makes more sense in my opinion since I was also confused that my vertical tabs disappeared after the update and having to reenable them in the UI the way it was described is not obvious after the vertical tabs disappear). Brave should at least enable the vertical tabs in the UI by default when someone enables the flag to avoid this surprise after the update.

@jaggrey I don’t experience this issue. It might be caused by something else you recently changed? Did you install a new extension recently?

@Emi because it’s extremely useful? Some people don’t want to install a Nightly build to get such an essential feature, which seems very stable by now.

Anyone who messes with flags should know that this is still an experimental feature - I mean, that’s exactly what it says at the top of the flags-page:

WARNING: EXPERIMENTAL FEATURES AHEAD! By enabling these features, you could lose browser data or compromise your security or privacy.

I think it’s fine to push incomplete features to the official build as long as you need to enable them manually via flags and therefore know its possible consequences.

[…] not that weird blank space on the bottom of the vertical tabs […]


The issue that I quoted is the only issue that I am still seeing in the latest official build (Brave version 1.47.186, Chromium version 109.0.5414.119). I see a black bar-ish with dark theme applied:


Nope there were no changes other than the browser update. Altho I’ve switched to the nightly build to see some other changes that are coming down the pipe and it’s actually been pretty stable for me.

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