Several things broken in Brave Beta

Several things are broken in the Brave Beta Browser (I realize it’s beta, but reporting bugs early is a Good Thing™).

OS: Ubuntu 21.10
Brave Beta Version 1.35.75 Chromium: 97.0.4692.71 (Official Build) beta (64-bit)

For example, the slider on YouTube doesn’t work. Also if you type in the search bar on YouTube it’ll show you things that match so far. Normally you could arrow down or mouse click to select the better match. Doesn’t work anymore.

And perhaps most annoying is the inability to move browser tabs to other browser windows, or to rearrange them for that matter. Clicking on a browser tab to move it, either to a new order in the same window or to another browser window causes the browser tab to get its own window. You cannot put this new browser tab in its own window into any other browser window. The workaround is to right-click the tab and select Move tab to another window, which is way less convenient.

This works in Chrome (non-beta) and probably Brave non-beta. This means there’s a bug coming to stable unless it gets fixed from beta, which is why I’m reporting it.

Figured out that the YouTube problems were caused by an extension (Copy and Paste).

The inability to move browser tabs to other browser windows by dragging the tab is still broken (and reported in other places. This problem remains in both beta and release channels. It’s also a problem in Chrome.

Thank you for reporting. Glad you were able to sleuth out the extension issue.

As for the window issue, it does appear to be a Chromium bug and will likely need an upstream fix. The team is already aware of this issue.

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