Fix location of pinned tabs in vertical tab layout

The pinned tabs in vertical layout disappear from view if there are too many tabs, which is common (>20 tabs).

They should remain fixed to the top of the sidebar when the sidebar is not in a minimized state. This allows access of pinned tabs when using other tabs, especially when there are notifications in said tabs.

They already fixed that on Nightly.
It would make it easy to report bugs if people just used Nightly to check if the issues are still present there, I reported many issues with vertical tabs, at least 10 and most were fixed.

If you don’t want to try Nightly, at least check the Brave’s github either core or browser repositories to see if they are working or worked or releasing or are planning to do something.

For example, recently Brave added sticky pinned tabs, which means when you scroll down, the pinned tabs will be always present, but the pinned tabs had many issues and I doubt Stable, which is always old in updates compared to Nightly, received them already for the way updates are pushed to Stable, it is always hard to know, and only checking Milestones can answer that easily.

Only Because they released VT in Stable as default, doesn’t mean it is still not a WIP, so it is better to check either Nightly or Github to know what’s going on.

Thanks. Apologies, I was unaware of the fix on Nightly. I will check on this hence.

I just downloaded the nightly build and pinned one tab then opened lots of new tabs to create overflow and saw that the pinned tabs scrolled out of view.

So it appears the feature has not been implemented.

Build: Version 1.54.30 Chromium: 114.0.5735.90 (Official Build) nightly (64-bit)

Actually, in nightly, one needs to go to enable the flag:


They are making it default soon, so that’s why I didn’t mention it, but you are right, I just thought by now it would be default since this PR was opened a week ago.

That’s why sometimes I am very critical of Brave, I know it is a small team but sometimes they take too long to merge PRs.

And you should be aware as you can see in the PR that Vertical Tabs are not resizable if the sticky pinned tabs flag is on, the PR would fix it but it hasn’t been merged yet, so let’s hope it will be merged soon.

Edit: It was merged in 1.54.45 and the flag can be set to default because now the behavior is the default one.