Brave beta no auto updating

I’m using Brave beta (Version 1.5.102 - 64bits) on Windows 10 but apparently it doesn’t update automatically. However I do have the bravesoftwareupdate.exe process running but nothing happens, even with chrome://settings/help which doesn’t detect any updates.

Installing updates from github:

  • with BraveBrowserBetaSetup.exe do nothing, still with 1.5.102,
  • with Brave_installer_x64.exe from github beta releases install the beta (1.5.104) but under the name Brave, not brave beta, in another folder in AppData\local, with errors in chrome://settings/help for checking updates.

So I have 2 beta versions that I can’t automatically update. Sad!

Note, I first installed Brave Beta with BraveBetaSetup.exe from official Brave website.

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