Brave BAT Purchase Microsoft/Roblox giftcard

Hello guys, I started using the Brave BAT rewards system just a few days ago on desktop, and I’m just curious: if I want to redeem the BAT for Microsoft or Roblox gift card, where do I go? None of the websites provided by Brave had these options.


Hey, umm try the website below. →

Not sure if it’s legit so do the research about that


Thanks so much! I’ll do some research.

@Taploid Are you Verified with Uphold or Gemini? Just making sure you’re aware can’t use the BAT earned unless it goes through one of the custodial partners. Also, by time it gets to one of them, you could just pull it into your bank account as cash and use to buy directly.

Going through crypto can be a pain as they have to accept BAT or you’ll have to do a swap from BAT to something else. You risk network fees, gas fees, etc in the process if I understand everything properly.

That said, if you ever do manage, I’d like to hear what you end up doing and how it works. Also going to tag @Aman_M over because he tends to know a lot on crypto. Curious if he has any ideas for you.

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Thanks so much @Saoiray, I’ll see what I can do with Uphold and Gemini.

@Taploid The site SmartyAadi linked looks quite genuine and supports a whole lot of Gift Cards. And for payment, it supports XRP which has a low-cost withdrawal from Uphold. So like Saoiray said if your Brave Rewards is verified and your BAT is in Uphold, you can use it as a payment by directly sending your BAT to XRP address provided on the payment page.

Although support on coinsbee warns not to send crypto from an exchange because exchanges put a hold on the payment and the price can change in-between. But they offer ~18 mins for payment-
and I have never seen Uphold putting a hold on withdrawal (can’t say the same about Gemini).

So I personally think a transfer from Uphold (withdrawing BAT to XRP Ledger Network) might actually work. You can also use Binance pay and there are other options as well.

If you end-up trying, do post an update how it went (it offers some $1-$2 gift cards as well) :+1:

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@Aman_M I see that it’s genuine, thanks!


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