Brave Bat isn't increasing and I never got a Ad

I Stopped getting Bat crypto for months now

Hey Brave, I am Having a Problem with my Bat count, It never went up or even show The Monthly pay, its always "0" and The Next Payment day in the brave rewards settings is empty ( no date), And also I never got any ads even though I disabled the shield, also I Upgraded my windows 10 from a older version to a new one I don't know if that's the problem

i have similar problem to. I see the background ads, but there is no notifications and the reward counter does not count. the counter seems to be stuck the same number of times, it has been like this for about the last week or two.

Hi HorrorBest

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Firstly you don’t need shields down to get brave ads, put the shield’s back up and protect yourself. Drop shields IF a website isn’t working right and only then if you trust the website.

As to the no BAT issue have you activated Brave Rewards (three horizontal lines at the top right of the browser and take it from there). Make sure auto-contribute is off (assuming you want to receive the BAT yourself) and on ad settings choose the maximum number of ads you’d like to receive in a day.
There is also the possible issue of where you are located either of these links may help you get to the bottom of that, the first one may answer other questions too
hope this helps

Hi Metalhead59

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there may be location reasons for the change in notifications and the transparency link in my reply to HorrorBest may help there.

As to the counter not moving on certain experiences, particularly sponsored images (when you open a new tab) you may find this link helpful

hope this helps

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