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I downloaded Brave to use every day and earn BAT but i have no rewards. I earned 0.05 BAT for 1 ad at the begining but since, i get notifications on my destop (Windows 10) and i earn nothing. I let it disapear, i tried click on it, tried close it but no rewards and the viewed ad count don’t go up.

Ads are enabled and i chose 5 per hour. I checked notifications center in windows as i saw on some topics but everything is correct. I even tried disable Brave shield everywhere but still nothing. I don’t understand. Is there a way to fix it ?

What country? And visit and send a screenshot

Same issue since today for me. I installed Brave yesterday and earn 0.50 BAT with 9 Ads. But since I have restart my computer today, I have ads but they are not count and I don’t earn BAT.

I live in Canada and work.

I’m from France which is in the list i dont under stand… After à created this topic it begun to be more bad. U didnt received any notifications even with browser restart until i go sleep. Anyway even if i get ads notifications i earn nothing

Hi there,

I have the same issue, i have many ads but no BAT are adds on brave rewards.


I have the same problem too. It’s since yesterday i don’t get BAT anymore. At the beginning, i was earning 0.05 BAT for each ads i had.

(But, actually, i have 0.55 BAT for 9 hours, it seems not logic)

Same. during the weekend i have not been receiving any compensation for viewing Ads through Brave. Tried uninstalling and reinstalling. Im sure its on their end. Hope this is fixed soon

Same here. Last couple of days ad notifications have been appearing, but they don’t register in the Brave Rewards tab under “Estimated pending rewards” or “Ad notifications received this month”.

Have been using for several months with no problems till now on Linux Mint.

I have the same issue. Is there a solution, or should I stop believing in this project?

Oh, I just made a new topic about the same issue.

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Hi, i’m here for news ! It’s working again, i don’t know why but now i have 13 ads counted and 0.65 BAT (more than before).

You had luck banana, still not for me …

I think no ahah
I verifying for each ads, if i get BAT, but it’s once every two

I have stopped using Brave because of all the pop-up ads that have suddenly appeared.
I know I had been playing around with my settings but, as far as I know, I didn’t touch anything that would cause ads to suddenly appear.
So what’s a “BAT”?
Note: In the preceeding discussion people were talking about being paid for something or other. I have never set up any payment thingy … I merely started using Brave a few years back to try to support the fellow who lost his position because he believes in traditional marriage. (I now have six browsers that I use for different purposes.)

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