Why BAT is not increasing even if I'm getting ads

Why BAT is not increasing even if I’m getting ads and also all ads I’m getting is in the list of brave ads in my rigion

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the same thing is happening with me. I am receiving ads daily but my bat rewards aren’t increasing. It’s been 8 days since i received bat reward. Ads are showing daily and they keep changing daily. I don’t know why it suddenly stopped rewarding. Please help me with solution for this.Thank you.

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I am having the same issue for about the same amount of time, if anyone from support is looking at this.

verify if the auto-contribute it’s stop, could be a cause.


No, that’t not the issue.

Auto contribute is turned off. The number of adds listed as displaying is not going up, which is reflected by estimated earnings also not going up. But I am being presented with new adds on the new tab screen very regularly.

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@Conan12 If you see ads only on new tabs but not in push notifications, it is possible that your wallet was flagged by the system. Contact the staff to review your case.

Thanks for the assistance @DARKOSU How do I contact staff? I thought this forum was the way of contacting them?

What reasons are there for flagging a wallet? I haven’t ever used my wallet for anything yet.

Not sure why my post was flagged, but I’m not sure how to contact them? Who should I contact?

Not your post, but maybe your wallet. Contact @steeven or @Mattches, they were very helpful and solved my problems a couple months ago.

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