Sponsored Images not rewarded

Last three days I don’t get rewards for Sponsored Images. It’s not the first time, sometimes it works, sometimes not. And I notice that for PayPal Sponsored Image I never get reward. Looks like for some Sponsored Images I get rewards and for others I don’t but I am not sure about that. (Linux MInt 19.1 Tessa)

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I was coming here to report the same issue.

For the last couple of days (at least) on linux Fedora pop-up ads reward as expected but sponsored images don’t. The sponsored image ads don’t show up in the ads history either, maybe these issues are one in the same. There appears to be no problem on windows 10 machine.

I have in the past noticed a lack of increase on the rewards total and then all of a sudden a jump as things correct, but there has been nothing of that nature for the last few days.

Some guidance from someone in the know on this would be great, distro and brave are fully updated.

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Update to my earlier message. Mine appears fixed in that sponsored images impact the rewards total. There has also been a jump in the estimated earnings which could correspond to a catch-up on previous sponsored images. History, hasn’t updated but that probably doesnt matter in the greater scheme of things.

Hope you also have found things to be fixed, and thanks to whoever / whatever rectified the issue. :grinning:

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I am glad for you, here is still the same, hopefully it will be fixed.

Good luck. I will continue to follow this as I did nothing to fix it so am interested in how this pans out and any reason for it having happened in the first place. Fingers crossed for you.

Thanks. I hope I will have an update soon :slightly_smiling_face:

It looks like it finally works :slightly_smiling_face:
We’ll see for how long.

Very pleased for you, hope it stays that way.

Ironically mine has stopped working today (it was a bit hit and miss yesterday) and I am back to pop-up ads showing on the estimated rewards figure and new tab sponsored images not. Maybe you and I are taking it in turns :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

I think I mentioned b4 the estimated rewards in my experience has nearly always been a lower number than the one that turns up in the wallet so I’m hoping the way the rewards do or don’t show up in the estimated total and on the rewards history is not the deciding factor.

Anyway thanks for the update and I hope to rejoin you, at some point, in the fixed camp! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Yes, it looks like sometimes it works sometimes not :grin:
I understand that problems like this are not unexpected so I am not anxious about it. Hopefully it will get better :slightly_smiling_face:

Now it doesn’t work again :grin: I don’t know if there is any use of reporting this issue :thinking: hopefully it will work again in a day or two.

Same here, over the w/end sometimes it did sometimes it didn’t. I’m back to it not working so we are currently in the same boat. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Maybe reporting it would get some explanation from Brave. I suspect that as Brave and BAT take-up accelerates further there will be more questions around this topic as it wont go unnoticed and IF there is a simple answer establishing it now rather than as a rear guard action later would be preferable.

I say again though that the figure shown on the window is only an “estimate” however the ad history is not estimated (I don’t think) although for me at the moment that works but the estimated earnings don’t always so it just starts to feel like something isn’t connected or that I/we are missing the point somehow.

Anyway if you report I will certainly add my vote /comment to your post as you aren’t alone - there are also other threads I noticed last week that I linked onto this thread as they appeared to be in a similar boat (could get crowded! :laughing: )

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Yes, I noticed that :grin:
We’ll see in next few days what will happen.

Hello, @zmij. Not all Brave sponsored images will be rewarded -specially if you have received the maximum ads per hour- . Does it work with some of them? Do you receive ads notifications?

Hello DARKOSU, can you tell me which sponsored images will be rewarded and which will not be rewarded, or where can I see it which will be rewarded and which will not? And why does it matter if I received maximum ads per hour? I didn’t notice any connection between number of ads and rewards, sometimes I get rewards, sometimes don’t. Today I didn’t get any reward for sponsored images. Some days I get rewards for every sponsored image. I think I never get rewards for PayPal for example, but I am not 100% sure. Some more info about these issues would be helpful, I am not the only one who asks such questions.

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There is a maximum amount of ads per hour, if you reach it -with ads notifications and/or sponsored images- you have to wait until the next hout to get a reward, sponsored images will still appear even if the limit is reached. You can´t know when it is going to count and when it is not, specially with the sponsored images, ads notifications always give a reward (in my experience).

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It says number of ads displayed, not number of ads rewarded. If I reach maximum number of ads displayed I shouldn’t see any more ads until next hour. It doesn’t make a sense to me that any ad is displayed and not rewarded because Brave doesn’t display ads for free. Ads notifications always give a reward, that’s my experience too, problem is with sponsored images. As I already said, today I didn’t get any reward for sponsored images, so number of displayed images can’t be the reason, and this is not the first time. I guess there are some technical problems with that but I don’t know. It would be nice to get some official explanation why that happens, I can understand that it can be difficult to maintain such systems to work properly and I am not anxious about tokens but it would be nice to know.

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I am also very interested in understanding how this works. I seem to have the same problem as zmij on Android mobile.

Hi DAROSU it’s an interesting point as Brave distinguish between ad notifications (pop-ups) and sponsored images (new tab) and state that you choose how many notifcations you receive in the hour (not the number of times you can be rewarded for seeing an ad in an hour as this would mean they could show you 100 and only pay you for 1) but you opt in or out of sponsored images. https://brave.com/brave-rewards/

What is less clear is how the sponsored images work. I have read of there being a daily maximum to stop people from gaming the system which is understandable but I don’t think zmij and I (and possibly others) have been experiencing things that fall into a daily max issue as, certainly for me, from one hour to the next when a sponsored ad arrives whether it shows up in the ad history or shows on the estimated earnings appears to be a lottery. Also my expectation would be that once a user had hit the daily allocation of sponsored images they simply wouldn’t receive any more.

Not sure if the above clarifies for you where some of us are in this and as I have said I suspect this all plays out fine in the final analysis as I have generally found the BAT deposited in my wallet to be in excess of the estimated earnings, so it could easily be that there is enough of an audit trail to “correct” any short comings in the day to day analysis.

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Hi and welcome.
Confess I can never keep track of what happens on android. It may have the same thing happening, my rewards balance goes up but I dont think to keep track of it unlike the desktop where its very obviously shown on the screen. From memory though it also ends up depositing more than the estimated earnings show, but I don’t follow it as closely I confess.

Stay tuned though, we may get to the bottom of this…

I just noticed this morning that my estimated earnings are 0,016 BAT higher comparing to yesterday, so maybe there is just a delay in rewarding displayed sponsored images. I don’t know technically how it works but i saw such delays in other platforms which reward users with tokens. So maybe that’s the case here as well but it would be nice if someone from Brave confirms it or give some other explanation.