Brave automatically crashes when I start it up

I startup Brave, it flashes white then tells me the browser did not quit out properly and asks whether I want to send a crash report or not, and crashes right afterward.

I double click to start it up and it blinks whit a couple of times then tells me it didn’t quit out correctly and crashes even if I click do or do not send a crash report.

not to crash when I start it up

It happens every time I start it up even after a fresh reboot.

windows 10 and The latest Brave release

It started all of a sudden after I restarted my PC yesterday on the 22nd of October.

Do you have any 3rd party antivirus or security apps installed?

Have you tried reinstalling Brave?

I have Avast antivirus. I’ve reinstalled it multiple times and it continues to flash white once or twice then crash after asking if I want to send the error message.

OK. Assuming you’ve installed Brave from, I would very briefly disable Avast and see if the issue persists; then you can re-enable Avast once you know if it’s involved.

Also by ‘latest Brave release’ you mean 1.31.87 right?

Hello @KademP

after you try what @JimB1 said try the following :

  1. close brave and make sure it does not show up in the task manager
  2. start brave with this flag --disable-gpu to know how to add this flag check this

if this work then disable the hardware acceleration go to brave://settings/system then disable hardware acceleration then close brave and make sure it does not work in the task manager then remove the flag then start brave again

if this did not work then :

  1. repeat step 1
  2. use this flag instead --user-data-dir check this one for more details Brave Unable to Relaunch - #13 by justsomeone1

if it work then most probably you have issue with your old profile sometime if you close it again after this step and remove the flag it will start normally

hope that help and have a nice day :slight_smile:

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