Brave not working, when I start it it flashes white en closes

When I try to open brave i see a white screen (sometimes black) pop up that closes instatntly

I have zero ideas how this happen, maybe the latest windows 10 version, beacause I think it started after I updated, but it does work on my laptop with te latest winsows version.

For anti-virus software I use McAffee.

  1. i am useing the latest version of windows 10 and brave.
  2. I already reinstalled brave several times. Also I tried several other other Chromium based browser (Chrome, opera, opera gx and even firefox) these also dont’t work for me. the only browsers currently working are edge and internet explorer.
  3. I tried the “–disable-gpu” and “-no-sandbox” command while starting the browser. This also didn’t work

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