Brave automatic updates never work

I’ve been using Brave for about 2 years now and the numerous updates are always manual, never automatic. Why?
Is there a special setting to have them automatically?
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How so? I mean, are you saying you always have to go to to get it or are you just saying you have to go to About to get it going?

Also, what OS are you on?

Hello @pcmusic75, thank you for contacting us. If on mobile Android/IOS you can enable/disable the automatic downloads regarding desktop please read:

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I have iMac 27", 2017 on Ventura Version 13.0.1 (22A400)

The problem is not Big Sur, Monterey or Ventura and if it’s the latest version or not.

Everytime there is a new update available I have a pop up to do it manually and it’s very slow.

With Firefox and Chrome, I just need to restart the browser and it’s done in less than 15".

Is there a tab to have the new updates automatically just by restarting the browser?

Thanks for your reply.

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