Brave Browser Doesn't Update Automatically on MacOS


The Brave Browser doesn’t update automatically on my MacBook Pro 2015, MacOS Monterey, Intel Processor.

It reads “Checking for updates” when I go to the About Brave window but doesn’t update. So I have to manually download a new release every time there is one available.

Appreciate your help.



Brave Support might ask:

What version of Brave Browser are you using?

And next, please update to the latest version, by going here:

. . . locating and then downloading the pkg:


and install that.

In a Brave Browser New Window, go here:


. . . and clear the caches, plus any other items you might suspect.

Then, Quit everything and Restart your Mac.

After all that, report back here, if the problem continues.

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Thank you for your reply.

I am using, Version 1.35.103 Chromium: 98.0.4758.102 (Official Build) (x86_64), which is the latest version that I manually downloaded.

I followed the above mentioned instructions. The browser is still reading “Checking for updates” in an infinite loop.

Please see the attached screenshot.



Tx for screenshot.

I tend to find workarounds. And, I have written a long one for you, but I am not posting it here.

Because, maybe, now, you should take a shortcut (instead of slogging thru my suggestion) and get the attention of @Mattches, who is a member of Brave Support.

My suspicion is, that some flag(s), or switch,(s) is(are) stuck. Possibly, Brave Browser just barely flubbed an update, but did not detect the failure or failed to properly close out (document) its progress (and again, did not catch itself). The flag(s) would be something like:

“has updated” [true / false]
“has checked for updates” [true / false]

Good luck.

PS. A bug that is still Open, at GitHub, might somehow be related to your issue – you might want to mention it, to @Mattches:

Could also be the result of a VPN connection, anti-virus program or some extension installed in the browser — @wasi can you please confirm whether or not any of these may be a factor?


Your suggestions helped me think of something. I use a standard user for my day to day tasks, and then I thought let’s try checking for updates using my administrator user and when I switched to my administrator user I was able to check for updates. You can see the attached screenshot.

Let’s hope this help others who may face the same issue.

PS. Still the browser should let users update with their standard users as well. I hope the developers see to this.


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