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How do I enable automatic browser updates??? There are a bunch of articles about disabling them, but I can’t find anything about enabling them and I don’t see anything in preferences. I love Brave and have been using for over a year now——but I just wish it would update on startup like Firefox! Instead, I get random popups every other day that bother me and disrupt my work about a new Brave update. Can’t I just enable automatic updates??

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The browser should update (when available) while closed but sometimes the new version is not detected until the browser is opened and will require a relaunch.

I guess it’s possible that there are updates happening that I don’t know about, but I am constantly getting popup notifications for available Brave updates that I have to manually run.

In fact, as I write, I have another update that I just initiated, and that is now waiting on me to install and relaunch to finalize:


But what I am saying is that it would be great if Brave could update automatically, the way Firefox does, and if there is a setting somewhere to enable that, I can’t find it anywhere. When Firefox updates, it does it automatically (typically on startup) and let’s you know with a new screen. You don’t have to approve anything or run anything or install or relaunch. It just does it. I’d like to enable that for Brave if it exists somewhere.

As it is now, I get several updates per week and it’s a drag to have to keep manually running the update and then having to click a second ‘install & relaunch’ dialogue box to finalize the update.

I appreciate your help, @Mattches, but it doesn’t resolve my issue or answer my questions.

I’m actually not sure what is happening on your end. For me, on macOS, when there is a browser update, I only see it on the top-right corner of the browser (overlapping with the main menu button), similar to what you’d see in Chrome (note that the example screenshot below is from Chrome but is similar in appearance to when Brave has an available update):

When I initiate an update in this way or go to Settings --> About Brave to initiate an update, the update process happens within the browser itself — I do not (nor have I ever) see any system dialogs or have to interact with the macOS system to update my browser.

This leads me to believe there is something different with your install or that there is some system setting at play here. I’ve asked some of the macOS folks about it to see if they know.

For clarity, when you have an update, do you see that same type of icon in the browser? If not, where are you notified/informed that there is a browser update availble?

Actually, can you tell me from where you installed the browser and what package type you used (.dmg vs .pkg)?

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