Always view open tabs - No Hamburger

For us multiple open tab users, give us the option of seeing all of our open tabs at the top of the browser, instead of having to click/tap some other thing first. This is the only reason we use opera on all mobile devices while our desktops do use Brave. And I want to use Brave on our mobile because we support Eich and whatever he does, but not having this feature is a deal breaker.

I’m guessing the way opera manages this is by giving us choice between phone or tablet mode, because the tabs only show when in tablet mode.

It’s one of those irritating ‘little’ things that will drive some of us nuts

ex. open tab, read something interesting, haven’t finished reading that tab, but want to check something stated. In opera i highlight that term, option to search that term magically and helpfully pops up, tap search, new tab magically opens up right next to 1st tab, (I can see both tabs at the top of the browser) and an amazing little pop up at the bottom asks, ‘switch to new tab?’. If i click on it, it takes me there, if not the tab is sitting up top waiting.

While reading 2nd tab, it disputes something in 1st tab, highlight the term, repeat.At the end, I’ve got 10 open tabs along the top and i can just tap tap taptaptap to switch between.

In brave, i have to 1st ‘click’ on icon with picture of tabs, shrinks everything including the site i was just reading, scroll through miniature pictures of tabs/websites i haven’t visited yet so no visual clue, tap on miniature tab i want, zooms to that site removing the original site i was reading and oops, wrong tab, click picture of tab, shrink all tabs, try to find right tab. Click. Scroll. Tap. Click. Scroll. Tap. Click. Scroll. Tap. Drives us crazy, had to uninstall brave.

I hope that was descriptive enough, if you need a screen shot just let me know