Brave Android features to be integrated

Link to highlight (Google)
Please fix the issue with the “Link to highlight” feature (as in Google) in Brave browser on Android. This functionality is time-saving as it allows users to jump directly to highlighted content when opening a link. Additionally, consider adding the “copy link to highlight” feature to the desktop browser also.

Simplified view for webpages (Reader mode) - add turn on/off option so that users can switch between reader mode and normal view whenever they want. Currently if we come back to normal page from a reader mode selected from pop up message there is no way to return to reader mode again.

Duplicate tab - provide an option for duplicating a tab. It is frustrating to see that this option is accessible only in desktop browser. So I kindly request you to add this in Android browser too.

Adding favorites on home page (speed dials as in opera). This would enhance efficiency by providing quick access to favourites.

Open pdf without downloading -Enable the ability to open PDFs without downloading, similar to Opera, to save device storage without retaining unnecessary files.

Dark mode - on/off option
Please provide the option to toggle night mode on and off, similar to the feature in Opera.

Brave Leo (AI) - Consider integrating Brave Leo (AI) into the Android browser for enhanced functionality.

Full-screen mode - Please introduce a full-screen mode, akin to Opera, for a more immersive browsing experience.

Fast-scrolling sidebar - consider incorporating a fast-scrolling sidebar, as observed in Opera, to facilitate quicker navigation.