Android version UI / UX redesign

Friends as the desktop version of Brave is getting an overall UI & UX redesign why not the Android version as the new Chrome unstable versions are introducing super interesting features?

For example many people using the beta and nightly version and used previous versions of it with the grid tab switcher are confused by the new simplified tab switcher which comes by default in v1.19 and v1.20, it is activated by the simplified view for open tabs option found under settings > accessibility, I would suggest you to move it to apparence and make it a part of a three way selection making the other two options the classic Chrome stack tab view and grid tab view

I totally prefer the simplified tabs but I know there are people who do not so making the option to disable it and by the way making easier to also select a view normally only delectable via flags is the wisest decision I think could be made

Other cool ideas to improve it and my suggestions are are to eliminate the black line between the navigation bar and bottom bar, use the Android Tabbed App Overflow Menu Icons and Regroup flags, fix the stretched private session icon, add monochromatic symbolic icons for the exit and brave rewards menu entries, add an option in settings to remove the exit button, change the bookmark button for the experimental (and only accessible via flags) “add to” button and instead of changing the home button for the new tab button if you disabled the home page it should completely removed and replaced with the share button which many of the people who disables the home page would find more useful

Here is how the menu icons look right now

If you like and implement my ideas you can go a step further and turn the brave rewards (or maybe the new tab) menu entry into a bottom icon row menu entry as the add to button not only is a bookmark page and read later button but it also doubles as a download page button

Here is how the Add to dialogue looks

What do you think? I wish the Brave Android devs saw this, maybe my ideas are impossible… But at least I wish I gave them enough toys to play with for future releases

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