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I am a new user of Brave. My default browser is Opera Mini, using Android OS.

I am not satisfied with Opera Mini because its adblocker lets in too many ads. But it has a lot of other good features. So I am not switching over to Brave yet, because it lacks certain features I like.

Here are some suggestions for improvements. There are mostly basic usability issues.

  1. Add a feature to save pages offline.

  2. Add a way to go instantly to top or bottom of page.

  3. Add a page back/page forward brevet to the page bottom toolbar.

  4. Add ability to manually add sites to the Start/Home page, and to edit them.

  5. Opera Mini has a great feature - sites on the Start/Home page can be combined into groups. Please add this also.

  6. The folder download option is very limited - either the internal Downloads folder or, on the external sd card, the Android Data/Brave folder. Please add ability to choose any folder for downloads.

  7. Opera Mini has great Downloads features, with a speed dial to show rate of transfer. Brave’s downloads page could be better at showing information like this.

  8. Opera Mini has a great datasaver feature, which compresses webpage images and shows them at a lower resolution. This is really useful for those on a data plan. Please add a feature like this.

  9. Please reduce/eliminate the info panel on the Start/Home page which shows ads blocked, time saved etc. I don’t need to look at it constantly. The space saved can be better used for more favourite sites to be added.

All the best for future development,


Already available. Orange box.

You can use your phone back button and (orange box) for forward.

Also cc @sriram @Serg @samartnik

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Thanks for the quick reply. As a new user, I’m still finding my way around this browser. I think my other points are still valid though.