Simplified View Toggle

The only missing feature that’s keeping me from switching to Brave from FF & Edge is Reading Mode. I read every night in Bed and the ability to switch to light text on dark background is essential. Yes, simplified View makes that possible but the problem with simplified View is that if I select it for a given article / page then click it off, the the option DOES NOT COME BACK… Please either put a toggle in the browser bar or some mechanism to manually invoke simplified view / reader view.

I have the same issue. On android tablet Brave it will sometimes appear if I refresh the page after loading - but there needs to be a toggle or menu button.


Feature is called Reader Mode in Brave Browser iOS, and there is an icon at the right end of the URL address field.

Not in December 2022 there is not. No toggle icon for reader-view/simplified view at all. And the problem noted by @holsen remains true.

It seemes developers are not reading the various threads where this much desired feature is mentioned.

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