Brave "AI" is including ads in its "summarizer"

Howdy. This is just one example. Lots of random searches are returning what are effectively ads. I know everyone is really hyped about LLM nonsense generators right now (and I cannot [wait] for this fad to end), but this is currently actually defeating the entire purpose of using Brave by working ads into this allegedly ad-free software.

In my opinion you should either remove this LLM nonsense generator’s advertising functionality, or else you should stop claiming to be an ad-free platform. I would prefer you remove the LLM nonsense generator entirely, or at least have like an option to turn it off? Like I don’t engage with any of the crypto/BAT parts of Brave because I think crypto is a big waste of time, but I don’t mind that y’all are doing it because I can turn it off and completely avoid it. If the Brave “AI” was the same way I would be totally happy. Thank you for reading, take it easy.

Thank you for reaching out.
Your title is quite a bit misleading, as this is not the same as an “advertisement” — I assume you’re referring to the article about the scooter. Its mostly there because the algorithm sees it as a relevant and high ranking result, not because anyone is trying to sell you anything.

Note that the Summarizer feature is quite new and is still being worked on and fine tuned. I will inform the search team about this for review.

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I’m not a fan of the summariser feature either, but discovered it can be turned off in the settings! :slight_smile:

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Just took a look in Android. Couldn t find it. Is possible to disable in Android as well @Thrive ?

@Michael-Alexander it’s on Brave Search settings, not in Brave browser.

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Yes, as @Saoiray mentions, you can turn summariser (and discussions) off here:

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Is there a list with all the subdomain/settings of brave borwser/domain name. ?

@Michael-Alexander I honestly have no idea what you’re asking. Mind giving a bit more detail and/or perhaps giving an example?

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Hey! Sorry for my poor question…
I mean, is there a list with all the shortcuts that i have to type myself in the search bar like example :

  • brave://adblock
  • search.brave.settings

    In Android there aren t so many buttons to click, and thats why i am asking, if there are multiple place where i can edit settings.