Brave search engine advertisements [ads]

i tried brave search engine and it is honestly good. it does the job and i don’t think i need anything else.
it is now my default search engine on brave. however if i can’t find what i want i use other search engines. [brave search engine should have many pages and need improvements]
i would like to suggest using ads to generate revenue on the search engine.

of course some may say “how could you ask for that?!” “who loves ads?!” “are you insane?!”

gentlemen be reasonable. is there anything that is free in life? no you need to pay for everything.
i like brave browser and i want to use it so i am willing to pay with ads to continue using it and so that the browser can improve more and more.
if you truly want to support the developers then you will support that.
i want to support the developers but i don’t nor want to use brave reward ads. i don’t even know nor care what is that. search engine ads are less confusing and more profitable for the developers and will support the browser.
as long as the ads are based on what i search for but don’t collect data and sell them to advertisers, i don’t care. (example: qwant search engine)

thanks for the search engine. i will always use it on the brave browser if i could.