Blocking AI summarizer

Title: I want to block AI-related functions.

Then go to settings and turn it off?

When you go to there’s ja settings button. image

Click it and then Show More. It pulls up full settings. One of which is to turn off the Summarizer.

I obviously already know about that. This option won’t prevent Brave from scrapping my website. I don’t use Brave Search anyway.
Brave - unlike OpenAI - provides no documentation - or they buried it deep enough so people can’t find it - to block their scrapper bot.

Oh, no way to tell that’s what you meant by your topic. You just said I want to block AI-related functions. You didn’t say I want to block Search from crawling my site or how do I prevent my data from being used by your AI?

I know Summarizer just simply pulls data from whatever Brave Search has indexed. So the main thing you’d have to do is implement a noindex, nofollow, or disallow. You can see more on that at

But since you’re right that I’m not quite sure where to look and simple searches don’t seem to pull up exact info, I’ll try to tag in some on Search to see if they can answer.

Blanket ban it is then.
Brave pillaging websites and reselling data without compensating sources is highly unethical.

@talgeeze just an FYI, that’s not quite what’s happening. There’s a balance of what’s called Fair Use and some governments even have rules that things like Text and Data Mining (TDM) laws in place. None of those are seen as violation of copyright laws.

Keep in mind they aren’t reselling data. They are selling their API. Otherwise Search is just helping to search the web to find resources and to have basic quotes. They don’t give full access to information or anything.

Training AI is same as if we read something and talk about it. As long as it’s not duplicating the books and all to provide or sell, then it’s just foundational knowledge.

There were some links I saw shared earlier today. I’m not sure if any of those might be helpful to you or anyone else reading here. But it’s quite interesting to see the discussions going on in the matter.

First you need to understand LLM aren’t search engines. Fair use and anything tied to does not apply. “Training AI is the same as if we read something and talk about it” yeah like there aren’t many humans that ingested several billions webpages.

As Brave hides itself to prevent people from blocking their AI scrapper -for all we know they may very well ignore the Robots Exclusion Protocol- and if it can’t recognize and ignore content under any commercial restricting licenses (for example CC BY-NC-ND), Brave is violating people’s rights and 100% deserves to be blocked.
Even Google and their AI Web Publisher Controls initiative is more forthcoming.

I agree completely with talgeeze and I raised a similar point about Brave Search a while ago - unanswered (as well as it making presumptions based upon locale about what language to return results in).

I want the ability to block any and all LLM functionality in the use of your products. I do not regard LLM filtering of any sort to be helpful or useful and, more often than not, misdirected and irritating.

Don’t follow the fashion - be “Brave” enough to provide non-AI polluted functionality.

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