I dont receive bat token

Hello , i have a problem since 3 months , my bat is stuck as 2,650 and he dont move. i dont receive any bat tokens.
I need some helps .

What type of device are you using?

I use my computer windows

Are you using the last version? 1.23.75 if I’m not mistaken .

Are you receiving ads normally? There are two types, sponsored images in the new tab page and system notifications.

The S.I that you’re receiving appears in your catalog? Check this Link

thx for answers john.

Yes i have the last update.
Maybe i got a bug when i synchronize my brave windows computer with my brave phone ios ? mayb e it block all brave navigators . Because since 3 month i receive nothing … stuck with 2,650 and 2,2 in my uphold wallet.

Im sorry my english is bad but when i click on your link , what i need to see ? you want a screen ?

The link is showing you all the ads that are available for your region, some of them – usually the ones in the beginning-- have a tag “new tab page” or similar, if the ads you are receiving in the new tab page appears there then they should be paying you.
The ntp ads pay you a max of 4/hour and 20/24 hours

Its still stuck 2.650 since 3 month i receiv 0 ads.
i have 2.650 in my browser and 2.25 in uphold.


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