Brave stopped giving me ads and paying me BAT. What do I do?

Hi, I’m trying to figure out why Brave stopped giving me ads and sending me BAT. I already looked at past threads from people having this same issue, but all of them have no replies, or they just have a bunch of replies from other people having the same issue. I haven’t been able to find any answers, even though this seems to be a very common problem.

The Brave ads stopped coming in on payday - March 5. I was earning BAT up to that point and then suddenly it stopped. I still get banner ads on my homepage, but when I click on them, I don’t get paid. I was told I need to create an Uphold account, but Brave won’t let me do that because I don’t have at least 25 BAT in my wallet. So in order to earn more BAT I have to first verify my wallet with Uphold, and in order to verify my wallet with Uphold, I have to first earn more BAT. I hope you can see the problem here.

On the second payday in April, I got a link to claim my rewards. When I did that, my monthly BAT balance went to zero, but I didn’t get any BAT in my wallet. My wallet showed a zero balance for both BAT and ETH. It’s like my money just went into a black hole.

Please help me fix this problem. I know this is a very common issue that a lot of people have, but I can’t find the solution to this problem anywhere on this site.


Hey there.

Well what you say is very weird, Do you have a good internet connection? I mean, the times I didn’t recieved bats from ads were for that, but I’m not sure that that’s the problem. I also heard that Brave just can give you 4 ads per hour, and you can just take 20 ads per day (I have to search that post). But you said that you don’t recieve any, so that’s very strange.

About Uphold, you actually can create one without problems, you can link it with brave after having the money (Also you don’t have to have 25 BATS, I linked it with like 3 or 4, but you have to be testing clicking the verify thing, and I suggest you to use the new version of uphold, I’ve seen a lot of people having problems with the old one).

Wait, when you say “Your wallet” you mean the Cripto Wallet Section on Brave? because that’s not where the bats go. The bats should be in the blue part at the right, and when you link your uphold, it will be sinchronized with that. Could you send a Screen capture, that would be very heplful.

Also, this thing of payment usually takes a while, but If the problem really is that your bats are in a limbo, maybe @steeven could help you.

I almost forgot, recieving ads also depends on the capmpaigns there are in your region/country. So take that factor in count too.

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