Brave Ads limit more than 20 per day?

Hello, I’m a bit confused right now. I’m reading from actual Brave staff in other forum posts, there is a limit of 20 ads per browser per day. But i’ve just gone over 20 ads and counting. What is going on?
Edit: officially at 25 ads.

They have a limit of 20 New Page Ads
And around 20 Normal Ads.

Which one are you counting?

What do you mean? I dont know what a new page ad is. But looking at my ad history, i was able to get 25 ads before i went to bed last night. Which is quite odd.

The max daily cap has been raised to 40 a day. 20 is what it used to be, not sure when but it is indeed now 40. The new tab page ads are simply when you open the fourth tab, or 2nd tab if you closed the browser and open a new tab, you are delivered an ad such as by blockfi, upland, nexo etc. Those as @ItzMeRajat said is a daily count of 20. These ads are based on a 24 hour period. So lets say you received your first new tab page ad at 1200, if 23 hours later you open a new tab page ad at 1159, it will not count. But that is only if you maxed out at 20 the day prior.

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What @HighPriestess42 states is accurate.

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