New setting, 10 ads per hour?

There is a new setting for 10 ads per hour ?

How does it work and why am I still getting 4 ads max per hour ?

The thing is “it’s 1-10 ads/hour not 10ads/hour”

There is difference in both of these things.
Like 1-10ads/hour means you’ll get ads between 1,2,3…5,8,9 according to your region.

10 ads/hour means you’ll get 10 ads/hour certainly which isn’t the option available in brave.

As I said it’s random and depends on your region as well.

It is an option available in brave now that is why I asked …

you didn’t read correctly it seems.
10 ads/hour means you’ll get 1 to 10 ads
It can be 1 or 8, 9. It’s just random.

I read correctly. You said isn’t the option available in brave but it is available in brave :confetti_ball:

you really are stubborn dude what I meant by option is that the functionality of brave.
It says 10ads/hour but it means amount of ads between 1 to 10. It also depends on your region.

Oh I see … So it means 10 ads is available in brave between 1 to 10 depending on my region.

I see I see

As @Adison said, it just means you can potentially get up to a max of 10 per hour if lucky. It is really the same as having 5 ads per hour, it is just a setting you can choose. If you remember the 5 ads per hour was never a guarantee you would get 5 in an hour, rather a possible max you could get. 10 is the same, with 10 max if you do max out. However, it is very unlikely you will get 10 (or 5 if that was your setting) in an hour. It might happen yes, but for it to be consistent say, 4 hours using brave and you would max out at 40 daily limit, or if you were on the 5 ads per hour, using brave for 8 hours straight, this would not likely happen every day consistently. And to add to that answering your post, yes it is a new setting, only available on version 1.27.109+

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Where do you get the information that 40 ads is the max daily limit ?

It used to be mentionned in the Brave Ads FAQ. The information was removed some time ago, but the cap itself wasn’t.

Just from browsing on these forums for months. I know it’s not much, but an admin has confirmed it to be true as I stated here. Brave Ads limit more than 20 per day? - #5 by HighPriestess42

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