Final word about max number of ads per day

Hi Brave Rewards Team,
There are several discussions in the community about the max number of ads received per day but I cannot find the final number not even looking at the FAQ. Now we know that the max number of ads received per hour is 5 and it is settable in the Brave rewards ads panel. A trivial math would say that the max number of expected ads per day would be 5x24 = 120 ads, but I believe this number is pretty much not realistic.
Now my questions:
1/ Is the max number of ads received per day a fixed number defined somewhere in the configurations parameters of the browser or it can be set by the user in some way (same as the number of ads per hour) ?
2/ In case of fixed number, which is this number ?

Let’s set correctly the expectations on this important topic.


Here you go.

It cannot be defined by the user, it’s just a set maximum. Hope that cleared things up.


thank you amaya, really appreciated your prompt reply. I believe It would be great to have such information in the FAQ as well, so that everyone is aware of this limit.

Now, based on that number (and assuming 20 ads per day below the threshold of 21 ads) it means that monthly we can get up to 600 ads (20x30 days); considering the lower BAT amount per ads (1 ads = 0.05 BAT), the maximum BAT number available each month is 30 BATs, i.e. about 7 USD at today BAT rate of 0,226.

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