Is new tab ads limit to 10 per day for browsers?

Today I noticed that brave new tab ads limit to 10 from 20 in all browsers !!!

Is it true ??? Please take a look into this @sampson @SmartyAadi @Saoiray

Could you share a screenshot of where it says so ?

I does not have the screenshots but I unable to earn new tab ads after 10 ads today in my brave , beta and nighty browser. @SmartyAadi

But share a screenshot of where it said 20 ads.
As far as I know, it’s still 10 ads I suppose

I think they might be talking about the sampson ads catalog. It appears there is a new ad campaign of new tab ads that only show 10 atm.

Umm yea. @VaibhavVashist it could be because the advertiser wanted more ads. No explanation that I can provide lol

Thanks for screenshot… @HighPriestess42

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