How many ads can I see everyday without any problem

Hello, I want to know a matter. The matter is that everyday how many brave reward ads can I see without any problem.

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The maximum limit of received advertising is 40 ads

your are a great nonsense. If anything is not know anyone that’s not any problem but if ignore his knowing that’s a great nonsense

The maximum number of ads per day is set by Brave and it is 40 ads

Did you Mean 40 ads per day and Max 1200 ads in a month?

Of course, how could it be otherwise?

40 ads for Push +20 for sponsored ones, but they are rare

Unfortunately, I don’t receive any more alerts on any of the computers, and Steeven is silent.

The indicative maximum ad is just a recommendation, nobody actually gets that many advertisements in a day.

Some of us even go days without seeing a single advertisements. Or having an odd situation where we see advertisements but no one gets paid any BAT.

The system is not reliable, don’t trust the system.

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