BAT VS Ad notifications received issues noticed!

Hello Community,
This month after noticing inconsistencies regarding the BAT I was getting in comparison with the Ads I have seen I decided to monitor and write down the BAT pending, Ads seen and date. So far I have noticed the following:
1st. Every 2 ads I should get 0,1BAT
2nd: Many times although I have seen Ads the BAT pending has not increased, so the increased changed from even to odd number of Ads seen( e.g. 3,9 BAT - 70 Ads to 4 BAT 75 Ads ( that shoud have been 72 Ads)
3rd: For the first time it has backtracked so from 7,9BAT 148Ads to 7,8BAT 148Ads ( it was also 7,8BAT 146Ads).

There is definitely something going wrong here. And I hope someone can help and fix these issues.
Let me know if someone else is experiencing the same issue?
Thank you and Merry Christmas to all!

Hi there – the Ads system is designed to work in this manner. :slight_smile: This is to prevent people from gaming the system.

Hi Asad,

Thanks for the info.
But that makes no sense to me. The idea is that the user watches an ad and he gets a reward for that. Since that is the case (as has been advertised many times) why is the user not credited the correct amount of BAT? And how can people play with the system if it is as simple as I see an add I get BAT for it? There is no way for a user to do something wrong? The way you describe it is like the user being scammed and not paid what has been agreed?
Please explain!
Thank you

The numbers are intentionally delayed and obfuscated in order to prevent abuse of the system. This is why you see “estimated” rewards instead of a guaranteed payout amount.

ok as far as at the end we receive the correct amount. But can you please explain how can someone abuse the system with this information? It honestly make no sense! I still have the information of how many ads I have seen and can calculate the correct amount. I truly believe this should change. I believe transparency for the end user is paramount! Thank you for your reply.

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I guess that makes sense, as there’s no way for the user to control the ads. In fact I haven’t got any ad for the past week or so, and there’s nothing I can do to change that. It happens from time to time.

Exactly! Thank you Renacaceres! Us, the end user, we want transparency. You say come to us, use Brave instead of another browser and you going to benefit from a number of things. One of this things (and in my opinion a major one) is earning BAT via the Ads. So you as Brave need to be honest ( I’m not saying you aren’t or not paying the correct amount of BAT) and transparent with us. We need to be able to see that you honour the agreements you make and that you are not trying to take us for a fool. Please take this as a constructive criticism aiming in making Brave the best browser as I personally love Brave and want it to be perfect. Thank you.

I’m having the same issue where I’m not seeing any ads either.

Is there a reason why I no longer see ads? I have set to five per hour but maybe see one per day. This is down significantly from the past. I did install a new Security / Anti-virus from Webroot and wanted to know if this might have some effect.

Mine is also down especially since last month. I guess they haven’t managed to get enough companies to advertise in our region to sustain a higher per hour ad rate. Let’s hope they manage to get some! Best time was before the holidays, and it makes sense as companies are advertising ahead of the holiday shopping season.

anti-virus may be the culprit. Take a look at the Ads FAQ here: FAQ: Why am I not seeing Brave Ads?

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