Bookmarks sidebar downgrade

Description of the issue:

  1. Unable to sort sidebar bookmarks by hand. The sorting is only allows to Sort by newest, oldest, last opened, A to Z, Z to A. Previously I was able to sort all folders and their contents by hand in no pre-defined order

  2. Unable to open all folders to see their contents at a glance. Previously I was able to see all the bookmarks sidebar folders’ content just by glancing at it.

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update Brave to v1.61.101 (Dec 7, 2023) version

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Expected result:
In this exact order (as it is in my bookmark manager) and all their content visible as shown in the picture link below:

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Operating System and Brave Version(See the About Brave page in the main menu):
Windows 11 23H2, v1.61.101 (Dec 7, 2023)

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I agree with the OP that this is a big downgrade, I need to see the folder tree in the sidebar with my carefully ordered bookmarks.


The change to the Bookmark sorting is a horrific downgrade. I use my bookmarks in a custom order. NOT sorted by name, NOT sorted by last use, NOT by oldest or newest, but by MY Custom order. But that is no longer an option.
And the spacing with the useless number of subfiles on a separate line is a HUGE waste of space. If some folks want to know how many subfiles they have, give them the option of showing them, but DON’T make it an unavoidable ‘feature’. Blech!
Give us back our Custom Bookmark sort. This change is horrible.
I’ve appreciated the privacy of Brave, but this change to the Bookmarks list is very close to a deal breaker.


Agreed - a loss of function. Takes more time now, but maybe that’s better. Let’s users choose between wasting time online or doing something more worthwhile. However, placing folders below the address bar works too, even if retro.


whats worse is that if i close and reopen the sidebar it does not remember the last opened folder and have to dig into the bookmark folders again. just restore the last view with the tree structure!


Indeed. I keep everything stored under “Bookmarks Bar”, so that the browser doesn’t put them in an “Other Bookmarks” submenu when going to [Brave Menu > Bookmarks], which is ugly.

However, in Brave 1.61, the sidebar now always defaults back to the top level, so all that’s visible every time the sidebar is opened is a single “Bookmarks Bar” folder. It doesn’t remember the last folder that was selected by the user.

Also, in some places a folder is called “Other Bookmarks” and in other places – like the save bookmark menu – it’s called “All Bookmarks”, which is inconsistent naming.

Honestly, all browsers should just copy how Microsoft Edge handles bookmarks, as Microsoft have clearly done usability testing with Enterprise users to figure what works well across different types of real-world users (and across different types of devices) – not just designed around how a small number of engineers think they should work.



I love the Brave Browser!! But, I really do not like what you did to the Bookmarks in the sidebar. The old way was great. Please put it back they way it was.


I use Brave on boyh Windows and MacOS. This new change is “very” difficult to manage. Can you give us a choice to use this new version or the old version in the settings. Or for now make the previous release available so I can go back to the old Bookmark sidebar.


One of the worst change of brave update. The bookmark sidebar is now useless. The old style was better. In the new “updated” bar you lose all the productivity.
-You lose the last position you left the bookmark folder
-The +New folder button when you accidentally click it, because it is at the top
-The shown as list, where you can’t simply view the sites in the row you saved them
-Very small size


The old Tree style was miles better . Who suggested that change and who will use it in that form when you have tons of bookmarks ? Changes should be meaningful, not out of reality of usage.


Another downgrade is if you accidentally move a folder or link in the sidebar bookmarks into another folder you are unable to move it back from the sidebar. You must go to the bookmark manager and do it from there.

I would like the compact view of it but with all the downsides it is plain useless.


The brand new bookmarks sidebar is extremally useless. IT SUCKS. The old one was good (not the best, but really good).

  • all bookmarks totally messed up and sort in random (ALL of the offered sorting options have no sense and is useless)
  • there is no option to sort in my way (maybe people from Brave are tkinking, that Brave users are idiots and they are unable to organize their own bookmarks…)
  • “drag and drop” doesn’t work at all (adding, moving or organizing bookmarks). e.g. I can’t quickly bookmark an open site and place it in the right place or folder
  • unable to open folder tree as in old version (now I can see content from only one opened folder)
  • it doesn’t remember the last opened view, so every time I open bookmarks sidebar I have to find bookmark or folder i need.
  • extremally huge useless space in bookmarks side panel (such as name “bookmarks”, searching bar, the new bar “all bookmarks/ opened folder”, “add folder” “add current tab”). I don’t need all these things. Search bar may be an icon and expand on click. All other function is in mouse right click (add new folder, remove bookmark/ folder) or drag and drop (to add new bookmark and organize everything). That’s all. and there is huge blank space between rows and no option to edit spacing.
    Bookmarks side panel in Brave - I can see only 17 bookmarks (rows) on my notebook screen.

Bookmarks side panel in Firefox - I can see 29 bookmarks (rows) on my notebook screen (in options i can choose spacing size). that is 70% more!

Today when I saw the mess the Brave had made in MY bookmarks, I was shocked. I can’t find anything in my bookmarks now (I have about 2300 bookmarks. and yes, i need all of them). All I want to do is to downgrade Brave version or uninstall Brave and use another browser. But THERE IS NO OPTION TO DISABLE Brave AUTOMATIC UPDATES. I also can’t quickly switch to another browser, because in Brave I have my cuirrent bookmarks, blocking filters, many opened sites for my work and shoping i need to do before Christmas and much more… and now i have no time for that. So I’m terribly angry.

Now it is 2023, not 2000. What’s wrong with you Brave???


Wow, I don’t book marks in Brave ( for life!) but this look horrible. Not a single fan boi comment either…

Just to be clear, the sidebar may have changed by all the bookmarks and the order they were in prior to the charge are still present in brave://settings/bookmarks. We are also looking into ensuring that users can customize the order of their bookmarks in the sidebar:

Thank you very much for your answer. It’s a good idea to have the option customizing the order . This change doesn’t work well, at all and break the full functional tree style on sidebar ,as you mention on brave://settings/bookmarks . It’s like an alpha feature . The three style hierarchy type it is not something new but its one of the best workflow option which works excellent with folders.

As I think we’ll likely have enough of these requests for this, I’ve opened this issue as well:

Bare in mind that, while it may seem straight forward, often times the work it takes to maintain code changes like this is non-trivial, so I cannot promise that this will be added. I’ve tagged a couple people in the issue to get some eyes on it — if anyone here feels strongly about this feature (or the other linked above), I encourage you to reach out and comment in those issues on Github with constructive feedback about why it should be added (strong emphasis on constructive).

Thank you


Just downloaded the latest update for Brave. They didn’t fix the bookmark downgrade. Sure hope someone reads these complaints so they put it back the way that is was.

Just installed the new “Upgrade” and the bookmarks sidebar still sucks!!

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Hey, Brave, Y’all REALLY NEED to pay attention to these complaints about the horrible changes to the Bookmarks process. NOBODY likes what YOU did. If you can’t figure out how to correct this MISTAKE, you MAY/WILL start losing users.
Someone got seriously brain-less when they decided users shouldn’t be able to customize the order of their bookmarks.
I suggest you Fix it SOON. Um, like YESTERDAY!
Your excuses about how long a fix will take are BOGUS, since you sure found time to Downgrade it.


I don"t get it as well. Please Brave, UNDO the bookmark changes! it really messes up the workflow and there is no advantage to the old bookmark process… thank you


Just here to add my thumbs down to the bookmark changes.