Messed up bookmarks - how to restore them?

Hi guys,

Today I encountered a most disturbing thing I’ve ever experienced with a browser.

New day, nothing new. I mean… Switched on my computer (no changes at all) and found my bookmarks totally messed up. I’m using two sidebars and Brave’s own show my bookmarks in a totally random order; first folders then the bookmarks all mixed up, with spacers on top of each other, the sorting order is just GONE. If I click “newest” it shows an absolutely incorrect list, just as the other options. And NONE of the offered options is suitable for me because I order my bookmarks in a very specific way (in a tree with opened folders) and I have over 5700, so the manual rearranging is absolutely out of question.

However, my other sidebar (Philipp König’s sidebar)shows the bookmarks in the correct order.

I then exported my bookmarks, deleted them from the browser, restart, reimported them and voila - the same s#it. Further inexplainable thing is, that when I open the normal bookmarks menu and not the sidebar, the browser shows them in the correct order - just the sidebar which is acting up.

What to do to get my base sidebar functionality back? Obviously, I chose the sidebar display option to be more ergonomic, and opening them on just a quick mouseover was always a good solution - except now that they look like the omelette from Jackass…

Any ideas? THX in advance!

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