I am not satisfied with the side bookmarks ordering options in the newest version

I had a unique order in my bookmarks (not by date, not by alphabetical, not by history etc.), but in the newest Brave version (1.16.100) this order is gone. In the bookmarks settings I see the required order, but this is not a view option on the side panel.

Here is an example picture:

And I don’t want to enter each folder to open a site, please put back the folder list view! This is not an user friendly change.



This is going to lead to an insane amount of lost productivity. Its unfathomable someone thought this was a good idea. Folder list view with the ability to organize bookmarks the way it was before is what needs to happen before the work day starts.


Completely agree, those involved in limiting the ability to reorder bookmarks to the way I had them should really look into another career. I get it, after an upgrade programmers may not be able to retain my bookmark order but not having the ability to move them into any order I want is unacceptable. I’ve quit using browsers for less, this is VERY annoying.

You can use this extension, it has those features


For a moment I was like wtf, did I do something… but it was the devs.
There is an old saying, don’t fix something that isn’t broken.
This change doesn’t make any sense, it just doesn’t work.

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The recent change to the bookmark sidebar is really problematic, as noted above (additionally, you can no longer open bookmark folders selectively with retention, and easily scroll through all the folders) … Please revert to the way it worked before the change. Thanks.

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This is one of the worst updates ever.
My bookmarks were in an order which streamlined my work that I chose, Now this is gone.
I accidently dropped some into other folders & have spent hours finding them & then you can’t cut them from the folder without opening the bookmark manager - insane.
What was this update supposed to achieve & why was it done?
Please reinstate the previous bookmark version

Here’s one with manual sorting

It took me a minute to get used to it but once I did I like this a lot better. I always have the bookmark sidebar open so it took a bit of getting used to but it’s great. Making them searchable is a plus because I have a ton and it saves time from having to scroll.

Doesn’t seem to have custom ordering
Here’s one with manual sorting

I agree with the OP, I need to see the folder tree in the sidebar with my carefully ordered bookmarks.

Actually I have the same issue. I think not being able to keep the custom sorting is just bonkers. I also use https://separator.mayastudios.com/index.php for creating seperators in my bookmarks and that messes up the whole thing. I think the bookmark sidebar is really awesome with the editing of bookmarks and the add this tab and the search functions and the go above level. I think it’s really cool, but this one thing makes it unusable for me

Retards , morons & imbeciles can release castrated update and ruin what was already working n’ LOGIC.
Boo hoo Bookmarks custom index order in side bar must be rocket science.
Exact opposite of brave are rats n creeps. UNINSTALLED !


I switched from Firefox to Brave a while ago. But this bookmark mess is not my cup of tea. I was astonished why someone comes up with such silly ideas at all. Bye bye to Brave Browser. I returned to Firefox. Beside of that i experienced a few other disadvantages. Youtube commercial nags are not skippable. A few sites don’t show up at all. Speed doesn’t help really if it is not working well for me. So Brave was just a forgettable experience for me.

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