Bookmarks not staying where I left off

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Description of the issue:

Using iOS 13.? And the latest Brave download via Aapstore. I have imported my bookmarks from Opera and the passwords, which all work just fine. Tapping the Bookmark butto; on the left of the search bar brings up my bookmark list of which several are nested in folders. I select a sub folder , then select a link. It goes to the link. Now I select the bookmark button again and my bookmark list reappears listing from the MAIN list not from the sub folder I was selecting links from. Other browsers can manage to do this. Is there a setting or something?

How can this issue be reproduced?

Expected result:

Brave Version( check About Brave):
1.14 on iOS 13

Mobile Device details
iPad Pro 10.7 2018 model
Additional Information:

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Currently it doesn’t stay on the last accessed folder. It always resets to the root bookmark folder.

cc: @michal may be consider this for adding as a feature for a release?

@sriram bring this up to the product team.
I think the current behavior is fine to be honest, we might want some more user feedback to evaluate it

Yes, please do. It’s a pain in the butt to tap bookmark icon, tap sub folder, tap link. Opera and chrome both stay put on last folder accessed.

What if we would not close the bookmarks popup after a link is opened in new tab?

That’s no good either. There has to be a hook in Chromium that allows the bookmarks to return to the last folder used. Chrome on iOS will do it just fine.

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