Bug: Can’t Get Rid of “Mobile Bookmark” folder

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  1. Use Brave on iPhone

Expected result:
I don’t expect all bookmark folders to be forced into a folder I do not want.

Brave Version( check About Brave):
Don’t know. Don’t know how to find out.

Mobile Device details

Additional Information:
You know what would help? Let me manage my bookmarks. Stop trying to help me.
Also, add the ability to import bookmarks from my desktop directly via iTunes.


I have the same problem suddenly on my ipad. Suspect this has jumped from my wifes iphone to the ipad. Its a real nuisance having another level of bookmark hierarchy to tab through.


I’m punting on Brave for the iPhone.
This is the second time they wrecked a really great bookmark feature.

Hello Safari. It has folders. Doubt they will ever do what Brave has done to its users twice.

Whoever is managing bookmark development for Brave Should be considered a saboteur.


In next release we are making a change to this. Opening bookmarks screen will open at last folder location you visited, which should match what chrome-ios does.

When adding or editing a bookmark you can always select where to save it, tap on Mobile bookmarks location cell to change it

Regarding different root folders we follow Chromium’s convention now.
Regarding import feature you can do that in iOS, at bookmarks screen root level theres a button to import bookmarks from html file. You can also export it the same way

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When is the next release? This is a terrible feature!

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I totally agree! Hope next release is soon! I’m sure it’s operator error but this seems like a cumbersome process to access bookmarks. I didn’t have a “mobile” file a few days ago, now that’s all I have???.

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What an awful change this was, I guess in the most recent update. Please make it like before. Open bookmarks…get bookmarks. The extra folder really makes me want to ditch the iphone browser, which I would hate to do.

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I fully agree. My first preference would be for a bookmarks bar like in Safari for iOS or the desktop version of Brave, but at least before there was only one extra step of clicking on the bookmarks icon. Now we have to click on another icon, Mobile or Desktop—if you’ve taken advantage of the sync option that was finally re-introduced (thank you for that!). I tried to delete all my Mobile bookmarks, in the hopes that the folder would magically disappear and along with it the hierarchy, but to no avail… But at least tapping on the address bar (if you set up “Favourites”) gives you immediate access to your favourites on a screen with their icons showing up—that’s very nice.

Thank you for this reply. Please eliminate this “extra step.” It is a major impact on usability. Opening the Bookmarks tab should take you directly to…bookmarks.


Please fix this with the next browser update. I want to keep using Brave for iPhone!

It doesn’t seem like this was addressed with the latest iPhone update, released today.

Brave, will this be changed? Please help. It’s so annoying everyday, but I don’t want to stop using the browser.

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I have also been fuming about the extra step imposed upon me to browse to a known bookmark. I should be able to see bookmarks when I select bookmarks – not another bookmarks category selection.

Hi - you said a month ago that the next release would undo this ludicrous change, but 1.22 was released on Dec 10 and it’s still there.

So I’m asking again - when will the release you are referring to be out? Seems like a straightforward question unless you’re just ignoring your users on top of taking a hammer to a perfectly good browser.

Good job Brave.

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