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Description of the issue:

I have many bookmarks saved. I created a folder and within that created a subfolder. I tried using the edit option to drag and drop to the bookmark to the folder I wanted it in. That did not work. Also I have over 700 tabs opened between both devices that I trying to go through and the ones I want to keep I want to bookmark in the correct folder or subfolder. How do I do that with a website I have not bookmarked yet.

How can this issue be reproduced?

Expected result:

Brave Version( check About Brave): version 1.66

Mobile Device details iPad Pro / iPhone 7

Additional Information:

Let me cc @Mattches @steeven for assistance here

I have not received any help on this.

I have not gotten any kind of response. I am about to get rid of this browser since I cannot get it to work.

I still have not received help. I think it is time for me to discontinue use of this browser.

Sorry for the delayed response on this @techjunkiegirl, not sure what you are trying is possible on the iOS version. Can you try to bookmark everything to the main folder and then use the edit on a synced desktop version to put it in the right folders? I just gave this a shot and it seemed to work for me.

That is where they currently are and I cannot move them.

Ok, sorry for the delay, finally got the answer, go to bookmarks and tap the edit (pencil icon) in the lower right. Then find the bookmark you want to move and tap the red circle at the left, That will show an “Edit” button and tap that. Then tap “Bookmarks” under “Location” and you can select a new folder.

I did tap edit and all it gave me was the name of the bookmark and the address to for that bookmark.

@techjunkiegirl do you see something that says “Location” and “Boomarks” below that. That “Bookmarks” line should have other folder entries when you tap it.

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