Selecting bookmark icon - now have to drill down for bookmarks

In the iPad iOS version…. Just today I have to now click on the bookmarks icon and then click on words Mobile Bookmarks, then select Imported Bookmarks in order to select a bookmark in the imported list. Before it saved whatever list I had previously opened.

I do not get this behavior. On my iPad (running iOS 15.2) if I click on Mobile bookmarks and then go into any folder, this place in the menu is remembered, even after I close the bookmarks menu.

Can you please tell me what iOS version you’re running at this time?

iOS 15.2

I am selecting the Bookmark icon…


I get this…

When I select the Mobile Bookmarks I get this…

When I select the O ported Bookmarks I get this…

I then select a bookmark the browser goes to that link.

However, when I click on the Bookmark icon again it doesn’t stay on the I ported Bookmark list I have to start all over again.

If I use the three dots in the upper right and select Bookmarks it works just fine.


I’m having a similar issue, glad a thread has been started. :grinning:

Until recently, if I hit the bookmarks icon I’d get a window with all my bookmarks listed. I assumed this was because the list was what was showing when I last dismissed the window. In other words, Brave was simply displaying the last remembered state. If I then dialed down into a folder and dismissed bookmarks, Brave would then remember that dialed in state when I recalled bookmarks.

But for the last two days, it is not bringing up the last remembered state. Touching the icon bring up the annoying window that has only “Mobile bookmarks” at the top and nothing else. I then have to touch “Mobile bookmarks” to get to my bookmarks list proper. It’s one extra touch but it’s very annoying, especially because the common sense “last remembered state” approach has bugged out.

This actually was a problem when I first installed Brave on my iPad, over two years ago. Then it was fixed. But for the past 2-3 days it’s returned. Please fix. I’m using iOS 15.2 on 6th gen iPad. If it matters, I just recently deleted then reinstalled Brave (unrelated matter), but it seemed to work as normal for a few days before this recent behavior appeared.

For those interested, I have opened an issue for this on our Github for our devs to review/address:

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