Bookmarks is gone

Description of the issue: I am a brave user for some time now and today i opened brave browser and ALL my bookmarks were missing, i’m using ease US data recovery and i have found a bookmark file but its a bit strange its bookmark.bookmark or something like that. Please someone help me i had 100s of bookmarks all in order inside of folders all organized took me a FLIPING YEAR to put everything in order please help me
How can this issue be reproduced? maybe

  1. yesterday i shutdown my computer maybe brave was open i’m not sure
  2. i wans’t working on any bookmark

Expected result:

Brave Version( Version 1.12.114 Chromium: 84.0.4147.135 (Official Build) (64-bit)):

Additional Information: i don’t have any profile

Do you have Brave Sync enabled at his time? Additionally, are you saying that you do have a backup of the bookmarks available on your machine?

You mean if i have sync configured and all? No. Or you mean if i can see this option on my browser? Yes.

No i do NOT have bookmarks backup.

what i have is a file (i used a program called easeUS data recovery tool to try and see if could rescue a file o the bookmarks but its kinda corrupted tho) called bookmarks, from the default user directory, it seams to have some data in it, but, its not in JSON format anymore.

Do you have any extensions installed in the browser at this time? Additionally, were your bookmarks the only thing that disappeared or was other browsing data lost as well?

Yes i DO have extensions installed: Kaspersky, Json viewer, Authy, FireShot and Browse.
Yes, so far i’m only missing bookmarks.

Would you mind trying a test – simply disable your extensions (temporarily) and relaunch the browser to see if one of them may have been interfering with bookmark data retrieval.

Didn’t work, but i don’t think it was extensions, they ere working fine yesterday.

@artimmy do you by chance have multiple profiles? There have been times where I have accidentally created a new profile. If you have multiple profiles, you’ll have an icon in the top right of the window next to the 3 lines hamburger menu. From there, you can see the other profiles.

If that is what happened, you can also delete the accidentally created profile

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No mate, no such icon appear, i don’t have another profile, in fact, i didn’t even created one, i use the “default” one.

I lost all of my pinned top sites a week ago, too. Checked all of the usual settings/places…nothing changed. Seems like a bug in the system, probably connected to a Window 10 update.

Same thing happened to me the day after i lost ALL my bookmarks.