Brave Browser deleted bookmarks, extensions

Description of the issue: Booted up PC this morning when I awoke and opened Brave. I’ve been using the browser for a few weeks now (Love it), and it immediately prompted me to the welcome tab and wanted to setup my browser. My bookmarks were all gone, both on the bar and in the settings, BAT earnings and stats still there, extensions deleted as well, but browsing history, passwords and logins were still there.

Steps to Reproduce: When I noticed this happened I thought it might be a boot bug, closed the program and tried to run it again, same thing. I then restarted my PC and tried again and nothing changed.

Actual Result: N/A

Expected result: N/A

Reproduces how often: Just once for now, but half personal settings missing (bookmarks, extensions)

Operating System and Brave Version: Win 10 Pro - Brave 1.8,96

Additional Information: Browser also running extremely slower than normal. Going to try normal trouble shoot process and hope it fixes speeds at least. Not a terrible inconvenience but I wont keep bookmarks if this is gonna happen again

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Can you make sure you didn’t create a new browser profile? Circle icon next to the Main menu.


I’m running the same OS and Brave Version as OP (Windows 10 Pro, Brave 1.8.96), and this just happened to me as well. I’m a long-time Brave user who has never seen this issue.

I’ve been using Brave for the past several hours today, occasionally adding and accessing Bookmarks. I likely had hundreds of Bookmarks organized into a complex Bookmark directory tree, and about 10 minutes ago I tried to add a Bookmark, but virtually all of my Bookmark folders and their contents had completely disappeared. The only remaining Bookmarks were the 2 that weren’t contained in a folder. :confounded:

The last time I backed up my Bookmarks was weeks ago, so now I’m left without many of the resources I need. This is a serious bug that OP is pointing out.

Please get back to us if there’s a way to get our Bookmarks back. Very unhappy over here.

EDIT: I’m 100% positive I didn’t create a new browser profile. I was in the middle of an online course when they disappeared, and only have one browser profile (I have the circle icon hidden).

I too am confident I did not create another profile. I tried to see if that was the case when it happened. Since then I’ve redownloaded chrome and imported my profile again


all of my resources are gone…

I too have lost bookmarks. Is there a way to automate the backing up of bookmarks like you can do in Firefox? In FF you can specify a directory and have the bookmarks saved as an html file every time you close FF. That way you can import the html file into Brave or Edge. Granted you have to get into the config file and the user.js file to set it up but still you can make it work and it isn’t hard to do. I’d love to switch over full time to Brave but that one issue has kept me from doing so.

@eljuno, is this a bug that the developers are aware of and working on? For a second time I lost all of my bookmarks, and can no longer rely on Brave (at all) in this regard.

Would someone please let us know what’s going on with this issue? Is it a problem? Is anyone have a solution?

No solution, just re transferred bookmarks from old chrome user and manually edited. Hasn’t happened since

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