Brave Update 30.04.2020 Deleted all Bookmarks, History, etc

  1. Today when I opened Brave all my bookmarks disappeared. It asked me to chose a profile , I did and everything was gone. Apparently there was an update or something.
    I had VERY IMPORTANT INFORMATION stored in the bookmarks

I use windows 10
I tried to look for the backup in the user/appData/Roaming and there is not Brave folder there .

Please help me solve this asap

Hi, same exact issue here. Help is really needed :frowning:

Thanks in advance !

@MikeBravo @smartw can you make sure you didn’t create a new browser profile? Circle icon next to the Main menu.


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Yes , did create one. When I opened the browser it pop-ed up to chose or create a profile so I did.
I entered now and chose the other profile that appears there and everything is in place now

Thank you

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Omg the answer was so easy ! Yet you saved my day ! Thank you so much !!

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Thanks for the confirmation @MikeBravo @smartw. Glad your data is still there.

Closing this thread for now. Feel free to open a new one if you have any issue/question.

Thanks for using Brave