Mobile bookmarks on Brave's start page like Firefox does it

I came to Brave from Firefox and I love it how Firefox has Mobile Bookmarks separate from the rest and how those bookmarks are always listed on front first page when launching Firefox mobile. I always had few webpages that I most often use on my phone and it was super convenient because you fired it u and had access directly to bookmarks. Where in Brave, clicking the burger menu in top left corner, scrolling through the list of desktop bookmarks is so much of a hassle I can manually type in the URL myself which defeats the whole purpose of bookmarks. And if I want them convenient for mobile, they’d be listed on first position of bookmark bar in desktop Brave where I actually don’t need them, making it really awkward experience.

Brave for iOS can keep the statistics of blocked stuff and saved time on top and allow us to have mobile specific bookmarks directly underneath that. That would be super convenient, just like it is in Firefox for iOS.

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You can save your own “favorites” which are the website tiles on the home page. We are currently modifying this to be easier, but currently you can hit the Action Button (middle of bottom toolbar), and press “Add to Favorites”

No, I don’t want that. I want a bookmark inside Brave interface, not on Phone’s home screen…

Yes, that is what I am referring to:

Wow, that is incredibly clumsy and I’d never thought in million years to look for this feature under Share button.

Btw, Firefox also syncs mobile bookmarks in its own “Mobile bookmarks” folder between devices so I can view or edit them even on Desktop which is super nice and useful.

We are modifying how this works within a couple releases that will hopefully make more sense.

Brave does offer bookmark syncing, however, but does not separate mobile bookmarks from desktop bookmarks, it just treats them all as “bookmarks”.

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