Can not edit or tell if existing Bookmark

Description of the issue: When viewing websites on iOS you can not edit easily or tell if it is an existing bookmark.

How can this issue be reproduced?

  1. Save a website on Desktop Bookmarks
  2. Open that saved link on the iOS app
  3. Once on the page there is no way to edit the bookmark (i.e. change the name) or tell that it is a saved bookmark. For example on the Mac browser the bookmark icon is coloured in black so you know and you can edit if required

Expected result: Be able to see if a page you are viewing is an existing bookmark and edit it as well.

Brave Version( check About Brave): 1.37

Mobile Device details iPhone 12 Pro version 15.4.1

Additional Information:

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How do we send this to support to add to the roadmap/enhancements?

you can create a ticket in our github repository

I created a ticket > Blockquote but no one replied?

We triaged it and there’s no plans to implement it anytime soon. Most browsers allow you to add multiple bookmarks per domain.
To edit a bookmark you can search for it in bookmarks panel


For iOS devices, might you enable the ability to show which folder is the container of a bookmark?

Brave Browser desktop Bookmarks Manager has that ability, but not mobile devices?


Like when you search for a bookmark?

Honestly, I’m not sure what they are talking about. But, I will point out this much. Android has Bookmark thing that turns orange IF the exiting page is bookmarked. The same thing exists on Desktop (for Windows anyway) except it fills it in with the dark gray or whatever instead of red. For some reason, that is missing completely from iPhone version. We do have a book on iPhone which doesn’t exist on the others, which is a button to access all bookmarks instead of the quick access bookmark link that others have.

They phrased it differently, but I was assuming they’re talking about this functionality which is done differently on iPhone. That one-click thing to save a bookmark OR where you can click an existing saved to pull up the screeenshot you see above where you can see what folder the bookmark is saved and can even rename it.


Yes - when searching for a bookmark. Apologies; it was a while before I could get to, where I could make screenshots that I should have included in my earlier reply/request.

iPhone does not have ‘Show in folder’

Desktop (Bookmarks Manager) does have ‘Show in folder’:


Yes that is exactly what I’m talking about and how all browsers work on the iPhone (I’ve never had an Android but sounds like they are the same). So is this going to happen in the near future? :thinking::grimacing:

Anyone know how I find out if this is going to happen on a future release?

Any updates on this one? :thinking:

No plans to implement any new design for it right now

But it’s a design flaw so should be fixed as a bug! What’s the point of having bookmarks if you can’t see if it’s an existing one?

Please tell me on it’s on the Backlog as a defect to fix in the near future? All browsers show you existing bookmarks when on the page so you don’t duplicate.

So how come this works on Android and web but not on the iOS app? It’s the sole reason why I don’t use it over Chrome and I’m sure there are heaps of others that don’t use it for the same reason. It’s not like it’s a new request it’s just aligning to be the same as Android/web.

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